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Aware that the cinematographic activity must contribute to the cultural development of the region and its identity; With the purpose of contributing to the development of cinematography within the audiovisual space of Ibero-American countries and their integration, we have created Cinescope, a training program for the attention of Ibero-American filmmakers in search of information on the conditions of the film market , legal frameworks and industrial opportunities in Ibero-America.

General objectives

  • Support diversity in the supply of films by improving the presence and visibility of Ibero-American cinema.

  • Offer training to  professional network

Specific objectives

  • Improvement of production folders for Ibero-American film projects in development

  • Promote rapprochement between producers, distributors and exhibitors.

  • Promote Inclusion and technological independence for the dissemination of cinematographic works in Latin America.

The Project is divided into two modules.

  • Module 1: Advice for exclusive strategic improvement for the 10 projects accompanied by their producer and their director.

  • Module 2: The second of Ibero-American Conferences in which all the protagonists of the Ibero-American film sector (students and professionals) participate, as well as cultural managers.

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