Kaori Flores Yonekura


Nuevo Objetivo Film is the company of Kaori Flores Yonekura, she is a filmmaker and publicist, she has developed a long career in audiovisual and graphic image in Venezuela, Japan and Latin America. In addition to independent production, it distributes films in the cultural and educational market of the United States (Harvard, Princeton, Columbia, NYU and other 20 relevant universities), at the same time it make production services for projects in different parts of the world (Brazil, Germany, Costa Rica, Switzerland and more).

Kaori studied at the San Antonio de los Baños International Film and Television School - EICTV.  She has obtained scholarships from different institutions such as Ibermedia, Fundación Carolina, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, Bolivia Lab and the National Autonomous Center for Cinematography. She has diplomaed about "Japan post-war" at the University of Tokyo. Has more than 30 credits in individual and collective audiovisual productions, and her works have been presented in more than twenty festivals and competitions around the world.

She is the creator and director of the CINESCOPE Film Training Program, awarding more than 400 scholarships to Latin American filmmakers and cultural managers with the support of the Ibermedia program.  She also collaborates with the selection of scripts and projects as well as the development consultancy in isLAb - Puerto Rico, Flicc - Mexico, PDVSA la Estacia - Venezuela, and the contests and workshops of the French Embassy in Venezuela that involve Andean filmmakers, He has also collaborated with the University of the Arts of Ecuador with workshops at the event 'Interactos' . She founding member of the Venezuelan Film Academy.

Enmanuel Chavez

Scriptwriter graduated from the International School of Film and Television EICTV (Cuba). Focused on the creation of audiovisual scripts as a teacher, advisor, analyst and scriptwriter of different Latin American cinematographic works.

Marina Uzcategui.png
Marina Uzcátegui

Venezuelan living in London, she works as a videographer and documentary maker. Social communicator, study cinematography and documentary cinema at the Madrid Cinema Institute. Recently I work for clients such as Barbican, Artis is, Maker studios, among other clients. You can visit his work at www.marinauzcategui.com

Moderna chica joven
Gaby Kobayashi

Coordination of the distribution and premiere of films. Tasks: launch plan, budget definition and control, contact with cinemas and festivals, coordination of exhibition materials, management of grants and subsidies.

Ana Patricia Silva Saldate

Ana Patricia is a continuist of many productions in Latin America, she is also a translator in English and Spanish of films, among the most relevant are:

  • REVERON by Diego Risquez

  • TOUCH AND FIGHT by Alberto Arvelo

  • BLEEDER by Leonardo Henríquez