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61 min |   English  | Dir. Daiana Rosenfeld

Afiche_Victoria_Muestra_V05 (2) copia.jpg

Documentary. 2020. Argentina


Synopsis: Victoria Ocampo was born into the Argentine oligarchy at the beginning of the 20th century, but her upper-class privileges did not exempt her from living in a patriarchal society. She knew how to investigate the incipient feminist ideas and traveled the world making connections in the field of culture. She arranged her fortune for the cultural development of the country, carrying out a transformation focused on the place of women in society. Although it responded to a cultural and social sector of its time, it knew how to disengage from the stereotypes of the time.

"(...) a simple, honest cinematographic approach, based on an arduous investigation, to one of the most relevant Argentine women in recent history who, despite her privileged social condition, was not exempt from patriarchal rule and fought for her drop". Escribiendo cine - Argentina

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