1h 20min |   English  | Dir. Kaori Flores Yonekura

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Documentary. 2011. Coproduction: Venezuela - Peru - Japan.


Synopsis: The search for identity. Cultures crossing continents. In Nikkei, director Kaori Flores Yonekura tells the story of her grandparents’ intrepid journey from Japan to Peru to Venezuela. Along the way, their personal search for a new home is set against the larger backdrop of the history of Japanese immigration to Latin America: from servitude in Peru, to the anti-Japanese media campaigns in World War II, to propaganda and promises of a better life in Venezuela. Nikkei is a fascinating and artfully constructed documentary that uses a personal testimony to reconstruct a subject of Latin American history.


Festivals/Awards: Latin American Film Fest. of Philadelphia, Ibero-American Film Fest. of Santiago de Chile, Maria Lionza International Film Fest., Venezuelan Film Fest. in New York, Film and Human Rights Fest., Vancouver Latin American Film Fest., Cinemaissi, Latin American Helsinki Film Fest., Iberoamerican Documentary Memory Festival, Cinesul International Film and Video Fest., Cine Las Américas Int. Film Festival, Guadalajara International Film Festival, Lima Internaional Film Fest., Documenta Caracas - Doc Andino Award, AtlantiDoc, International Film Fest. Ícaro. (... More).

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