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71 min |   English  | Dir. Daiana Rosenfeld

Documentary. 2019. Argentina


Synopsis: After a personal crisis, Fedra goes through a process of spiritual transformation when she decides to travel to the Peruvian Amazon to connect with the ancestral wisdom of the peoples of the region. The healing process is tough, but she is willing to become a Medicine Woman.



- 18 DIFF, Dhaka International Film Festival. Bangladesh

- 14 FICMUS, Festival Internacional de Cine de Montaña Ushuaia SHH. Argentina

- 9 MIC Género, International Film Festival with Gender Perspective. México

- 6 Festival Internacional de Cine de Guayaquil. Ecuador

- 7 MAFICI, Festival Internacional de Cine de Puerto Madryn.  Argentina

- 69 Trento Film Festival. Italy

- 7 FLACQ, Festival Latinoamericano de Cine de Quito. Ecuador

Woman Medicine has the support of INCAA and the Argentine Foreign Ministry

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"This documentary, (...) constitutes an experience of transformation, a spiritual encounter and a journey in search of healing within a framework in which the poetic and the painful alternate within a strange microworld."
Adolfo C. Martínez: La Nación Newspaper

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