We specialize in the creation, production, distribution and promotion of Latin American cinema and japanese diaspora. You can explore our site to see everything we offer.

The best Films and Resources for education and research in our catalog #GoodFilms. If you need us to find content for you, please write to us.

Nikkei is our best seller license to educational use, but if you want watch it at home you can! go to www.mowies.com the best platform for Latin American Cinema.

Our first editorial project is dedicated to migration because we believe that "The migration is a Human Right". TETSUO's CRYSTAL by Kaori Flores Yonekura is available at all Amazon stores in English and Spanish like EBook and Paperback. Please visit our book store.


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Here you can see our next activities and tours, if you are interested in us participating in your projects, please write to us.


17-19 Jan

Cinema Forum with the film "Nikkei". Cine Club CEVAM - Venezuela

22 Feb to 14 March

3rd Meeting of Nikkei Identity. Japan Embassy in Venezuela. Worldwide

03 April

Lecture of our first editorial project "El Cristal de Tetsuo". Amazon Worldwide

30 April

Basic course - The chain of rights for a film. (On-line in our web page)

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