Every   year  the Japanese diaspora in  the

                                                    United  States  makes a  pilgrimage  to the 

                                                    fields    where    the   Nikkei,  Germans  and

                                                    Italians  from  that  country  and from Latin

                                                    America were confined during World War II.


This year the  pilgrimage will  be  virtual, with many activities within the TADAIMA festival! (I'm back!) from June 13 to August 16, it is free and you can join by registering on the site Japanese American Memorial Pilgrimages www.jampilgrimages.com/virtualpilgrimageregistration to receive general information, additionally you must reserve for the quotas of each activity.

We will be there with the film "Nikkei" and the presentation of the project of our new film (in development) "The extraordinary journey of the Dragon" both by Kaori Flores Yonekura representing Latin America. The cinema space has been the work of curator Rob Buscher, who is director of the Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival - PAAF -.

A documentary by Kaori Flores Yonekura about the construction of an identity of the cultural combination and of Japanese immigration to Latin America: yellow slavery in the Peruvian fields, anti-Japanese media campaigns and the hope of many families for a better life in a Venezuela involved in the II World War.


Topics: Immigration, Diaspora, Identity and culture, History, Latin America studies, Asian studies, Politics, Spanish Studies, World War II, Venezuela, Peru, Japan.


2015, 1h 18m, Documentary, PG-13

You can see it with subtitles in English or Spanish / Japanese simultaneously.



Also you can also acquire a license.

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