We are a company dedicated to the creation, production, distribution of graphic and audiovisual content.

One of our objectives is the promotion and difussion of these works in the world through dissemination strategies in cultural and educational spaces, for which we have created and participated in training, exhibition and dissemination projects for the generation of debate and research, because we wish provide tools to strengthen the critical thinking of citizens.

We want to work with professionals with ideas like ours. Welcome to our site.


We created an agreement with the Association of Documentalists of Puerto Rico - AdocPR - to support us in distribution, training and promotion. If you are a member of adoc, write to us identifying yourself as a member.


We want to shine with you!

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We are happy to support the Uruguayan Film School, giving an award at the Film School Festival together with great sponsors like Final draft, DirectTv, La Mayor and others.


We want to shine with you!

We start the distribution to festivals of "Plaga" by Simone Carnesecchi. Welcome!


"In a journey, between reality and dream, searching magic stories of shamans, an Italian filmmaker discover a strange plague that took the forest of a remote region on the border between Mexico and Guatemala.