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We have found these audiovisuals exhibited for free on the web, we think they can be useful for studies, research and debates. 


The labyrinth of possibilities

The labyrinth of possibilities - Tells the story of blind photographer Sonia Soberats. The pain generated by an event in the past caused him to lose his sight entirely.

Ergonomics to Diana

Ergonomics to Diana - In Diana's family hundreds of people have inherited a hearing loss known as "Monge's Deafness". At just 9 years old Diana is one of them and that is why now she must use hearing aids to feel the sound again.

The Polonio

The Polonio - Cabo Polonio is a small Uruguayan town without electricity or running water, which became an ideological and symbolic destination chosen by tourists and residents who set up a beachfront there to offer an alternative look at the modern world.


Nikkei - A documentary about the construction of an identity of the cultural combination and Japanese immigration to Latin America. (Best Seller)


Kombit - A documentary about the life of Haitian peasants who fight for their food sovereignty.

The mondays to the market

A group of vendors from the old main market of the city of Merida in Venezuela, reconstruct the history of that space that was the center and heart of that city. A cultural heritage that was burned one night in 1987, when the 101 years of its foundation had just been celebrated.


Salvadora - Documentary about the life and literary work of Salvadora Medina Onrubia, who committed all imaginable sins for a woman of the early twentieth century. (Best Seller)

Anarchist Love Letters

Anarchist Love Letters - América Scarfó starred in one of the most passionate and controversial love stories in Argentine history. At fourteen he met Severino Di Giovanni (27) and love was quickly born.

The Devil's Nose

The Devil's Nose - A documentary that shows the constituent political process that of Ecuador.


High tide

High tide - At home, Carmen and her two small children coexist between everyday life and longing for the absence of the father-husband. The missing man floats on the shore of the beach. After a few minutes seemingly dead, he returns and takes a long journey back home. A series of alterations of that daily life announce the return of the absent family member but this only occurs in the space of longing. After the farewell reunion, calm and resignation return.

The flight of the crabs

The flight of the crabs - Pablo and Luis found a body buried on the beach when they escaped from school. His mother, Rosa, decides to go to the only authority in the city, Prefect Ledezma.


Surfaces - A group of teenagers spend time defying authority and spreading disorder in a private school. Damián feels pressure to participate in the cruel games proposed by Gerónimo and supported by the group: making Enzo's life impossible.

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