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SAMURAI (Fiction): At the end of the 19th century, a Japanese family lives in the mountains of Argentina. 20-year-old Takeo grows up listening to the stories of his grandfather, a renowned samurai.When grandfather dies, misinterpreting his last words, Takeo begins the unlikely search for Saigo Takamori, the leader of the samurai rebels. Along the way he will meet a crippled veteran of the Paraguayan War continuing the journey together as Takeo meets himself as a Japanese overseas.


NIKKEI (Documentary): The search for identity. Cultures crossing continents. In Nikkei, director Kaori Flores Yonekura tells the story of her grandparents’ intrepid journey from Japan to Peru to Venezuela. Along the way, their personal search for a new home is set against the larger backdrop of the history of Japanese immigration to Latinamerica: from servitude in Peru, to the anti-Japanese media campaigns in World War II, to propaganda and promises of a better life in Venezuela.

Being Clarity

BEING CLARITY (Fiction - shortfilm): Clara, a young writer who has two days to deliver her book, she has returned to live with her obachan (grandmother) who hopes that the coexistence between them will be closer, however a gap has opened not only generational but also intercultural, Clara perceives it and at that moment decides to get closer to her grandmother and her ancestral culture.


Anarchist Love Letters

ANARCHIST LOVE LETTERS (Documentary): América Scarfó starred in one of the most passionate love stories in Argentina when, at age 14, he met Severino Di Giovanni (27), the most important figure in anarchism and the most wanted man in the country. The relationship was reflected in clandestine meetings, love letters and a political project with libertarian bases, until it was interrupted by the execution of Di Giovanni at the hands of the military dictatorship. Likewise, a part of America died.


SALVADORA (Documentary): The life and literary work of Salvadora Medina Onrubia, who committed all the sins imaginable for a woman of the early twentieth century: being a single mother, an anarchist, playwright and poet with only fifteen years.

The Ecuadorian Constitucional Process

THE ECUADORIAN CONSTITUTIONAL PROCESS (Documentary): On the process that led to the approval of the new Constitution in Ecuador. Following the president of the assembly as well as other elected representatives, but also groups of citizens who came to hear proposals, many approved and included in the current Ecuadorian Constitution.




KOMBIT, HAITIAN FARMERS (Documentary): Cebé, a Haitian rice farmer, tries to organize his community to face the problem of the importation of American rice, which is cheaper and is ruining the peasants, forcing them to leave their land and seek work in the big city . As an alternative, Cebé proposes the "Kombit", a system of solidary work, as his African ancestors used to do.

The mondays to the market

THE MONDAYS TO THE MARKET (Documentary): Vendors of the Merida Market, a city in Venezuela, tells the story of the 1987 fire that ended the place and the labor and cultural activity not only the citizens but also the peasants, artisans and market workers.

Llanerias, a tropical doc-western

LLANERIAS, A TROPICAL DOC-WESTERN (Documentary): Three stories linked by their cultural and natural context: The plains of the Middle Orinoco of Venezuela; there cowboys lead thousands of cattle for weeks on end; a girl and her brothers live their childhood raising calves, fishing and playing; while a family lives devoted to its two hundred fighting cocks.

Orinoco, agriculture in the river

ORINOCO, AGRICULTUREIN THE RIVER (Documentary - shortfilm): The harvest period is the most important and difficult moment of each year, the vegueros or farmers on the shores of the middle Orinoco in Venezuela make visible the conditions in which agriculture is developed in the geographic center of the country, based on a daily effort using nature to your advantage.



Ergonomics to Diana

Ergonomics to Diana (Documentary): In diana's family, hundreds of members have inherited a particular hearing loss known as Deafness of Monge. At only 9 years old, Diana is one of them and therefore, must now use hearing aids to feel the sound again. However adapting to these devices is not easy. She watches the way in which her relatives are living with the same problem and she realizes that the only way to overcome this, is finding her own sound ergonomics.

The Polonio

The Polonio (Documentary): While living in Montevideo, Natalia suffered a great loss and decided to go recover at Cabo Polonio. This town is a paradise for tourists but only 60 people live there during the winter. The lands are fiscal: inhabitants own their homes but not the place where their built on. In a struggle to overcome her inner crisis, Natalia faces a hostile and desolated environment everyday. The rest of the inhabitants are in the same situation just like her.

The labyrinth of possibilities

The labyrinth of possibilities (Documentary): The labyrinth of the possibility is a film of transformation and human capabilities. It tells the story of the blind photographer Sonia Soberats. The pain that generated an event of the past caused that it lost the sense of sight in its totality. Today Sonia is part of a prestigious group of blind photographers in New York City and in turn teaches this technique in Venezuela.




Surfaces (Fiction - shortfilm) A group of teenagers spend time defying authority and spreading disorder in a private school. Damián feels pressure to participate in the cruel games proposed by Gerónimo and supported by the group: making Enzo's life impossible.

The flight of the crabs

The flight of the crabs (FIction - shortfilm) Pablo and Luis found a body buried on the beach when they escaped from school. His mother, Rosa, decides to go to the only authority in the city, Prefect Ledezma.

High tide

High tide (Fiction - shortfilm): At home, Carmen and her two small children coexist between everyday life and longing for the absence of the father-husband. The missing man floats on the shore of the beach. After a few minutes seemingly dead, he returns and takes a long journey back home. A series of alterations of that daily life announce the return of the absent family member but this only occurs in the space of longing. After the farewell reunion, calm and resignation return.


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