Enmanuel Chávez

Scriptwriter graduated from the International School of Film and Television EICTV (Cuba). Focused on the creation of audiovisual scripts as a teacher, advisor, analyst and scriptwriter of different Latin American cinematographic works.

Marina Uzcátegui

Venezuelan living in London, she works as a videographer and documentary maker. Social communicator, study cinematography and documentary cinema at the Madrid Cinema Institute. Recently I work for clients such as Barbican, Artis is, Maker studios, among other clients. You can visit his work at

Luis Glod

Writer, poet, screenwriter, director and actor, Luis is a multifaceted being who has received recognition in all his facets related to literary and audiovisual art.

Hiro Ramos Nako

Student at the University of Lima specializing in Audiovisual Communication and Journalism. Fourth generation Nikkei, living in Lima, Peru. He is interested in social causes and the impact his struggles can have on society.

César Alexander Moreno

Audiovisual and Theater Producer with experience in educational projects focused on cinema, the performing arts, photography and Latin American music.

Raisa Rall

Communicator and designer. Creator of stories in words and images, in addition to this she has made academic texts framed in Latin American cinema.

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