Based in Venezuela, Nuevo Objetivo is an independent film production and distribution house.


Con sede en Venezuela, Nuevo Objetivo es una casa de producción y distribución de cine independiente.

Production: Educational events, Cinema and Audiovisual. Publicity: Promotion, Social Media. Distribution and Exhibitions: Theatrical and Non Conventional Plataforms

Cinema and audiovisual

  • Design, Development and Realization

  • Legal Advice for Ibero-American and Caribbean Cinematography.

  • Analysis of Scripts.

  • Translation and Subtitling: Spanish, English, Portuguese and Japanese.

  • Original music

  • Production Services:

    • Locations

    • Permissions

    • Insurance

    • Equipment rental

    • Laboratory and Audio Post

    • Art direction

    • Local casting

    • Fixed photo

    • Special effects

    • Actors and figuration

    • Travel and hotel reservations

    • Catering

    • Content for social networks


  • Production of face-to-face and multiplatform events

  • Design, Development and Production

  • Mounting

  • Execution

  • Disassembly

  • Evaluation of results

  • Administration


  • Strategies

  • Graphic design

  • Content for social networks

  • Promotional Video to Social Media

  • Community Manager

  • SEO positioning

  • Online advertising

  • SEM campaigns

  • Online Reputation

  • E-mail Marketing

  • Affiliate Marketing

  • Web-page design

Distribution and Exhibition

We look for works with technical, aesthetic and narrative quality that can generate reflection and debate. We wish to distribute them in different ways:


  • Strategy and management for festivals

  • DVD / Bluray: Only for Museums, Galleries.


  • Stream Licenses: Only for Universities in the United States.


  • Theatrical: We offer your production to independent theaters around the World.


  • Special functions: We manage the screening in special events related to the film around the world.

Call Us/Llámenos: +58 414 723.4691