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Dir. Gaspar Scheuer. Argentina. 2012. Coproduction: Venezuela - Peru.  80min.


Topics:  Immigration, Japanese Diaspora, Samurai, Bushido, Identity and culture, History, Latin
American Studies, Spanish Studies, Japanese Studies.


Synopsis: Fines of the XIX century. In some remote part of Argentina, among the mountains, lives a family of Japanese. Takeo, a young man in his 20s, grows up hearing the stories of his grandfather, a renowned samurai. Takeo's father struggles to learn the new language and progress by working the land. He believes that they must start a new life, leaving behind the past that was left on the other side of the sea.
When Grandpa dies, misinterpreting his last words, Takeo begins the unlikely search for Saigo Takamori, the leader of the rebellious samurai. Along the way he will meet Poncho Negro, a crippled veteran of the Paraguayan War. This will convince Takeo to continue their journey together. Throughout this journey, Takeo will discover the harshness of life in the great outdoors, the rigors of work from sunrise to sunset, the love of a woman and a few more things.



-Official Selection 27th Mar del Plata International Festival - Argentine Competition. D.A.C. Award to the best Director.

-National Culture Award for the Best Original Screenplay (Argentina)

-Best Argentine Film in the 2013 Edition of the Bariloche Audiovisual Festival (FAB) Argentina.

-Special Guest at the Latin Festival of San Diego, USA: 2 Nominations for the Condor Awards 2014. (For Best Photography and Best Costumes), 2 Nominations to the 2013 Sur Awards (For Best Costume and Male Revelation).

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