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Dir: Carlos Gómez de la Espriella . Venezuela. 2015. 78 Min.


Synopsis: Three stories linked by their cultural and natural context: The plains of the Middle Orinoco of
Venezuela; there cowboys lead thousands of cattle for weeks on end; a girl and her brothers live their
childhood raising calves, fishing and playing; while a family lives devoted to its two hundred fighting


Topics: Venezuela, Latin American Studies, Sociology, Migration, Communities, Family Studies,
Sociology, Agricultural, Leaderships, Food, Sovereignty, Identity, Communities, Organic Food,




  • Selection and acquisition for the TV program “Curta Doc” 2014, a series on the SESCTV channel, Brazil;

  • Audience Award at the First International Green Film and Video Festival of Venezuela 2013, Caracas;

  • Special Mention in the 3rd Festival of Spirituality in Venezuelan Cinema 2013, Ciudad Guayana;

  • Second Place Documentary Cinema, Great Bicentennial Cultural Explosion 2012, San Fernando de Apure;

  • Honorable Mention, 2nd International Exhibition of Documentary Film Caracas Doc 2012, Caracas;

  • Best Documentary, X Ciudad Guayana Children's Film Festival 2012;

  • Best Documentary, 2nd International Children's and Youth Film and Audiovisual Festival 2012, Mérida;

  • Best Editing, XI Manuel Trujillo Duran National Short Film Festival 2012, Maracaibo;

  • Best Documentary, 7th Barquisimeto Short Film Festival 2011.

  • Official Selection in the following festivals and exhibitions:

  • Arica Nativa International Rural Film Festival 2014, Chile;

  • 6th Festival Iberoamericano SURrealidades 2012, Bogotá, Colombia; Includes television transmission by the regional signal of the city of Bogotá, through Canal Capital.

  • XIII International Documentary Festival “Santiago Álvarez in Memoriam” 2013, Santiago de Cuba;

  • Venezuelan Film Show, Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts 2014, San Francisco, United States;

  • International Festival of Audiovisual for children and adolescents 2012, La Paz, Bolivia;

  • All Voices Against Silence, VII Independent Hispanic-American Film and Video Documentary Encounter 2012, Mexico City;

  • Venezuelan Film Series, National Cinematheque Ecuador 2013, Quito, Ecuador;

  • 6th Festival Cine del Mar 2013, Punta del Este, Uruguay;

  • Antofadoc, International Documentary Festival of Antofagasta 2012, Chile;

  • Margarita Latin American and Caribbean Film Festival 2011, Venezuela.

  • Winner of the Documentary Short Film Production Mode, CNAC 2010 Call.

  • Best Production and Best Documentary Photography, 8th National Short Film Festival of Barquisimeto 2012;

  • Official Selection at the 6th SURrealidades Iberoamerican Festival 2012, Bogotá, Colombia;

  • Margarita Latin American and Caribbean Film Festival 2012, Venezuela;

  • 23 ° Sample of the Anthropological and Social Documentary, INAPL 2013, Buenos Aires and Salta, Argentina;

  • 2nd International Exhibition of Documentary Film Caracas Doc 2012.

  • Official Selection at the Phoenix Film Festival 2016, Melbourne, Australia.

  • “Llanerias” (2016), documentary feature film, distributed by the Gran Cine Circuit to 6 commercial movie theaters nationwide (Caracas, Valencia, Maracaibo, Barquisimeto, Araure and Valle de la Pascua), as well as to alternative venues such as Centro Cultural Chacao and Cine Cipreses.

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