We have worked with the main universities in the United States, also artistic institutions and museums. Some our clients are: Yale, Harvard, Princeton, Columbia, Stanford, Southern of California, California Irvine, Michigan State, Emory, Colorado Boulder, New York - Abu Dhabi, Ohio State, Nebraska Omaha, Chicago, Kenyon College, Wellesley College, Maryland Baltimore County, Boston College, Virginia University, and more.

  • Price applies to universities, colleges, schools, corporations, museums, government agencies, and includes public performance rights for classroom, organizational or library use by the acquiring institution for non-paying audiences only.


  • If you need another type of license (streaming, screening, etc.) please write us.

  • You can make the purchase by paying by Paypal and send us an email.

  • When paying we will send you an email asking if you prefer the download or the DVD of the film.