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SAMURAI (Fiction): At the end of the 19th century, a Japanese family lives in the mountains of Argentina. 20-year-old Takeo grows up listening to the stories of his grandfather, a renowned samurai.When grandfather dies, misinterpreting his last words, Takeo begins the unlikely search for Saigo Takamori, the leader of the samurai rebels. Along the way he will meet a crippled veteran of the Paraguayan War continuing the journey together as Takeo meets himself as a Japanese overseas.


NIKKEI (Documentary): The search for identity. Cultures crossing continents. In Nikkei, director Kaori Flores Yonekura tells the story of her grandparents’ intrepid journey from Japan to Peru to Venezuela. Along the way, their personal search for a new home is set against the larger backdrop of the history of Japanese immigration to Latinamerica: from servitude in Peru, to the anti-Japanese media campaigns in World War II, to propaganda and promises of a better life in Venezuela.

Being Clarity

BEING CLARITY (Fiction - shortfilm): Clara, a young writer who has two days to deliver her book, she has returned to live with her obachan (grandmother) who hopes that the coexistence between them will be closer, however a gap has opened not only generational but also intercultural, Clara perceives it and at that moment decides to get closer to her grandmother and her ancestral culture.


My grandfather was a Tabasco man who fought with Pancho Villa, he became a Master Mason, a deputy 3 times for Oaxaca and president of the National Association of Charros. In 1942 he formed “La Legión de Guerrilleros Mexicanos”, a group of 100,000 charros who were training to repel a possible Nazi invasion of Mexico. The success story they told about him contained a secret that affected my family and that I discovered while making this documentary.

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