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Dir. Wanadi Siso. Documentary. 2011. Countries: Venezuela - Chile - EEUU. 50 min. 


Topic: Art, Photography, Blindness, Counseling and Self-Help, Health and Safety, History, Mental Health, Education and Learn, Women and Gender Estudies, Cities, Venezuela, New York, Inmigration.


Synopsis: The labyrinth of the possibility, is a film of transformation and human capabilities. It tells the story of the blind photographer Sonia Soberats. The pain that generated an event of the past caused that it lost the sense of sight in its totality. Today Sonia is part of a prestigious group of blind photographers in New York City and in turn teaches this technique in Venezuela. One of his workshops is held in Mucurubá, an Andean town where a festival of light is celebrated by lighting twenty-one thousand candles throughout the town, combining teaching and tradition.


“The Labyrinth of Possibility” is a film by the Venezuelan director Wanadi Siso that explores the lives of blind individuals who have overcome great challenges”. The New York Times


Festivals/Awards: Documentary and short film festival 2013. Aruba International Film Festival 2013. Two Riverside Film and Art Festival, Poland 2013. International Film Festival for Peace, Inspiration and Equality, Jakarta 2013 (Prize for best inspiration and best director award  for excellence), Film Festival between Long and Short of East (Special Mention of the jury as Best Documentary). Latin American and Caribbean Film Festival of Margarita (Best Venezuelan Documentary Feature Film). Mar de Plata International Film Festival, 2013. Franco - Andino. Documenta Festival Caracas (Best Venezuelan Documentary), Festival of Oxymoron 2013.

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