Based in Venezuela, Nuevo Objetivo is an independent film production and distribution house. The company was founded by Kaori Flores Yonekura, producer and director, known for her work in documentaries on migration, indigenismo, Latin American culture and Human Rights.

Production: Educational events, Cinema and Audiovisual. Publicity: Promotion, Social Media. Distribution and Exhibitions: Theatrical and Non Conventional Plataforms

Cinema and audiovisual

  • Design, Development and Realization

  • Legal Advice for Ibero-American and Caribbean Cinematography.

  • Analysis of Scripts.

  • Translation and Subtitling: Spanish, English, Portuguese and Japanese.

  • Original music

  • Production Services:

    • Locations

    • Permissions

    • Insurance

    • Equipment rental

    • Laboratory and Audio Post

    • Art direction

    • Local casting

    • Fixed photo

    • Special effects

    • Actors and figuration

    • Travel and hotel reservations

    • Catering

    • Content for social networks


  • Production of face-to-face and multiplatform events

  • Design, Development and Production

  • Mounting

  • Execution

  • Disassembly

  • Evaluation of results

  • Administration


  • Strategies

  • Graphic design

  • Content for social networks

  • Promotional Video to Social Media

  • Community Manager

  • SEO positioning

  • Online advertising

  • SEM campaigns

  • Online Reputation

  • E-mail Marketing

  • Affiliate Marketing

  • Web-page design

Distribution and Exhibition

We look for works with technical, aesthetic and narrative quality that can generate reflection and debate. We wish to distribute them in different ways:


  • Strategy and management for festivals

  • Licenses for Universities, Cultural Institutions and others.


  • Theatrical: We offer your production to independent theaters around the World.


  • Special functions: We manage the screening in special events related to the film around the world.

Call Us/Llámenos: +58 414 723.4691